The only guaranteed full stop in life is death. I’ve looked at the possibility of death when I was waiting for my breast cancer prognosis. I’ve even sat with death during my father’s passing. Some might say you are either in one camp or another, but the worst way to live is when you aren’t truly living as your authentic self. Life is for living and for taking risks. You are the creator of your own happiness and for living a life with no full stops. What’s stopping you? About Louise James


No Full Stops is a memoir of my rollercoaster year with breast cancer, the highs, the lows and the lessons learnt along the way to wellness.

I hope that by sharing my story, those going through similar challenges might not feel so isolated and that it also provides an insight for family, friends and carers on what to expect. 

Most of all I hope that it will inspire others that it’s never too late to rewrite your storyline and live a full and vibrant life – a life with no full stops.

10% of profits from book sales
will be
donated to breast cancer research
and support services in Australia.


The purpose of the No Full Stops Community is to teach, enlighten, inspire and have fun along the way.  It is a safe and nurturing space for women to connect, heal, grow and move beyond their own full stop moment.

A heart-centred hub to come together to generously share our inner wisdom, insights and life’s lessons as we continue our journey of self discovery & healing.

Join and be supported as you move forward to rewrite your storyline & live a full and vibrant life  a life with no full stops

No Full Stops is a refreshing reflection on living with cancer through the emotional, humorous and very real accounts of one woman’s experience. Louise has gifted readers with the ability to sit in the skin of a cancer patient and understand a little of what the experience and pain may be like, but her quirky and magnetic personality ensures a light, enjoyable and funny read.’

Kirstine Lumb-McKay
Writer & Award-winning Journalist

No Full Stops is an easy read, funny, frenetic, honest and vulnerable. Louise’s description of her ‘Annus horribilis’, the year she spent fighting breast cancer and trying to juggle her life and responsibilities while being treated, is raw and revealing but full of hope and courage. As a fellow breast cancer survivor, this is the book I would have liked those around me to have read.’

Olga Birrell
Breast Cancer Survivor

Louise captured the essence of her experience of living with a life-threatening illness and how it affected her and her family.  I loved the way she interspersed her journey with humour because as many of us know, it really does pay to be able to laugh.’

Petrea King
Founder and CEO Quest for life Foundation

‘I’d commend No Full Stops as a comforting companion for those facing their own diagnosis, treatment and recovery journey and equally helpful to friends and families trying to understand their loved one’s perspective. A valuable read if you’re reflecting on the impact of cancer or any other life-altering event.’

Dr Rebecca Jackson
PhD, Psychologist & Author of The Journey of You 

My gorgeous then 13 year old Mr Mac created this presentation for a recent school project. He did all the work himself and chose my cancer journey as the subject. All I did was get “interviewed” by him and provide some photographs. The arrangement, words and voice over are all him and I only got to see the final product after he submitted it to school. I couldn’t be prouder of him and how he handled himself throughout and was stunned at the final presentation. I hope you enjoy.


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To be supported as you rewrite your storyline & live a full and vibrant life