louise JAMES

Louise, a single mother of twos’ encounter with breast cancer resulted in her taking a more holistic approach to life.  She lives with her seventeen year old son Mr Mac who has Asperger’s and a rocking sense of humour; her daughter Miss Lipstick who had an extraordinary appetite for makeup when she was younger and now is the most organised fifteen year old you’ll ever meet.

They all live a quiet but eventful life in the countryside with their black Labrador Daisy and over enthusiastic cream Labrador puppy – Buddy.  Louise continues a daily pursuit of finding laughter and joy with the emphasis on living a life with no full stops. 

So Why No Full Stops?

“I’ve always charged through life, moving from one event to another at a frantic pace. Those who know me well, will tell you how I talk with breathless speed, as if full stops are a luxury not required. That was until March 2015, when an unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer had the potential to be a full stop to my life’s script.

I initially resented the challenge as I felt I had already fulfilled my quota of life’s trials and tribulations. A few years earlier I had fought an uphill battle to finalise my son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s, faced financial hardship and relocated the family to the countryside. This single mother of two felt she’d hit the ultimate trifecta with this unplanned diversion.

I thought cancer was my full stop. The big one. The badge of honour. Life can’t touch me now. But life continued and curve balls kept coming. I was so grateful to be here but frightened at what the future might be. I was still trying to follow what I thought I was supposed to be doing, rather than listening to my inner wisdom. Fear was holding me hostage and preventing me from embracing life fully. Ultimately, I was stopping myself from living a life with no full stops.

The “gift” of cancer is that it makes you realise how precious time is and jolts you into action. I realised I needed to uncover what limiting beliefs and blocks were holding me back from creating my own storyline.  And this was when the real journey began


To be supported as you rewrite your storyline & live a full and vibrant life