I have always charged through life, moving from one event to another at a frantic pace. Those who know me, will tell you how I talk with almost breathless speed, as if full stops are a luxury and not required. This was until in March 2015 when an unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer provided the ultimate full stop to my life’s script.

I initially resented the challenge as I felt I had already fulfilled my quota of life’s trials and tribulations. A few years earlier I had fought an uphill battle to finalise my son’s diagnosis of Aspergers and relocate the family to the countryside. This single mother of two felt she’d hit the ultimate trifecta with this unplanned diversion.

Following a year of operations and treatment, I have been given this extended time to to reflect, reevaluate and reboot. I am now ready to start a new sentence. I hope you will join me as life returns to a “new kind of normal” and a few more lessons are learnt along the way.