After setting upon a new path last year, I encountered a few cracks along the way and again stalled updating this blog. Health issues cropped up as I had tried to fast track my recovery and healing.  As a result I decided to leave my job and concentrate on prioritising my health and taking care of my family.

After persistent bone pain I started the elimination game to find out its source.  Earlier this year a bone density test confirmed osteoporosis in my left hip and that there was some other “disease” present.   My mind jumped to cancer and I dared not put my fingers on the keyboard, as if it would be tempting fate.  So I submerged myself in the endless blood tests, scans, x-rays, health appointments and every day family life of back to school and children’s birthday parties.

Thankfully I was able to enjoy a moment of reprieve as it was confirmed there was no cancer in my bones.  Unfortunately Osteoarthritis in my back and Paget’s disease in my skull were my downpayment for a trifecta of bone disorders…it appears I don’t do health by halves, but at least the big C was not a factor.

By mid March my yearly mammogram and ultrasound loomed once more and forever will be on a date shadowing my birthday.  There were no whispered conversations or people in and out of the room during my appointments and for the first I left the hospital with increasing certainty that everything would be find fine.  A few days later I was officially given my clearance by my surgeon.  Finally my body and mind could now begin to start to cooperate with each other.

Looking back at how far we’ve come as a family through these past two years, there seems no better way then through the eyes of my 13 year old son and his recent school project which he requested be about my cancer journey.  After “interviewing” me and asking for pictures he put the whole thing together including voiceover to show all the love and support from friends and family.

Not only does it show how sensitive and fearless he was in choosing to share our story, but how both my children have grown and we have come through the other side.  I couldn’t be prouder and if you would like to view the video its on Youtube:

We can only go up from here….